How To Beat Poptropica Shrink Ray Island

nullVisit the science fair at the PS 101 River City school. Speak with the teacher to learn all about a missing student named C.J. Talk to C.J.’s parents to find out her address.

After discussing to C.J.’s parents, enter her apartment on Avenue A. It is the one with the cat at the door.

Follow the cat from room to room. It goes in the kitchen to the bathroom, and then escapes the flat.

There is a microscope in C.J.’s room. Click on it to read a note that she left. The message reads: “My invention’s been stolen! Trust no one. Everything you need to know is in the house. Think small. CJ.”

A Abruptly, a strange man enters the room and zaps you with a shrink ray.

Bound on the top of the oscillating fan until it reaches its lowest stage. Then press the red button.

Pick up after clearing the dust under the bed the Thumb Drive.

Run on the thermostat in C.J.’s room until the red light comes on. Afterward push over the waste basket. It’s possible for you to jump on the floating debris to reach the bed.

The Morse Code Key can be found on C.J.’s bed.

Enter the trash can by pushing the sponge. Jump to the trash can in the sponge to the spray cleanser.

Clear a path through the trash can by pulling and pushing blocks of rubbish. You have to reach the upper-right hand corner.

The Torn Page of C.J.’s Diary is located in the upper-right hand corner of the trash can.

Escape the trash can by clearing a path to the upper-left hand corner.

You can fins the Screwdriver in the top drawer inside the kitchen.

Proceed to the kitchen counter. Shove on the rolling pin. Then jump into the steam to land on the ledge.

Push over the oil, when you have reached the high shelf in the kitchen. Now push the cat dish under the cat food. Jump to fill the dish.

Jump on the cat dish that is full and pick up the Piece of Paper.

Pick up the hefty grape in the table and carry it to the left side with you.

Plug shrink ray island walkthrough in the toaster. Afterward stand on the handle while holding the grape that is heavy. You may be launched to the ledge above.

Push the salt shaker handle. Leap off the jar of spoons onto the spatula blade to catapult yourself on top of the icebox.

The Remote Control is in addition to the icebox. It is possible to get there using the spatula catapult.

In the bathroom, flip off by standing on the right hand switch the ventilation fan. Then turn on the hot water to reveal a hidden message.

Stand on the rear of the hair dryer to lean it up. Press the red button to turn it on. Afterward ride the air current.

To fill the bathtub, climb up the rope, subsequently run on the knob to start the water.

Push the bar into the tub that is full. Swim against the soap until it’s next to the rubber ducky. Jump to the left out of the tub.

Next to the toilet is a magazine article with a suggestion for creating a password — or cracking one.

Use the Screwdriver on the remote control truck. Click to get the Battery.

Put the Battery in the TV remote. Press the green button to turn on the TV.

After you have turned the TV on, scale the antenna to charge yourself. Jump into the green balloon to fly across the room.

Push the fish food to the end of the ledge to draw the fish to the surface. Then switch the bubbles off to get to the aquarium floor.

The Diary Key is located at the base of the fish tank.

Using the advice located on the mirror and the magazine in the bathroom, enter C.J.’s password: “m4r13cur13”

Open C.J.’s diary using the Diary Key. Use the Torn Page to complete her diary entry.

Jump on C.J.’s desk lamp until it drops to its lowest point, then turn it on. Use the Piece of Paper next to the lamp to reveal a secret message.

Walk on the dials until they are pointing at the school. The coordinates are Y 16 X 87,. Click the eyepiece to look through the scope.

Use the Morse Code Key to decipher the message. It reads “FLUSH THE THUMB DRIVE.”

Use the Thumb Drive on C.J.’s computer to back up the data.

Return to the bathroom. Set in the toilet and jump on the handle to flush it.

Return to the telescope for another message from C.J. She will tell you the identity of the robber.

To escape the apartment, first push the novel off the top ledge in C.J.’s room. A ramp will be created by it.

Change the Batter from your TV remote to the RC auto. In case you have the Remote Control, click the auto to escape the apartment.

This begins a mini game where you drive the remote control car down the street. Watch out for all the hazards in your course, and you will soon arrive safely at the school.

When the thief tries to shrink you, hide behind among the items in the room.

Move behind the glove so it is shrunk. Then push on it under the seat and jump on it to reach the desk.

Conceal behind the mirror on the desk. The shrink ray will reflect back at the robber, shrinking him.

Flip the switch on the shrink ray gun to undo its effects.


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